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Online Holistic Health Coaching with Kara Flint

Meet Dr. Kara Flint, DACM

Certified Master Health Coach

Doctor of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

(Acupuncture & CM services ONLY in person -Pennsylvania)

As an empowered Full-Time Mom, I gracefully navigate life's whirlwind with my spirited 3-year-old by my side.


In the midst of the chaos, I uncovered the transformative power of behavioral change, habit formation, and daily routines, fostering holistic health.


This journey has given me newfound confidence and a reinvigorated sense of self.


Now, I proudly embrace my role as both a devoted Mom and a kickass woman, navigating life authentically and confidently.

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What Kara Offers
& Domains Covered

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Establish Healthy Eating Habits

Set Health Goals

Reset Your Digestion System

Personalized Nutrition Plan





Behavior Change

Transform your health today with Kara's personalized holistic wellness coaching.
Book a consultation to get started.

"Kara is incredibly kind and beyond smart! She did an incredible job of explaining my session and plan for care. She made sure I was comfortable and offered suggestions to compliment my plan.
I highly recommend Kara!"

- Danielle F.

"Dr. Kara's holistic approach is fantastic. She truly cares about overall health. She helped me address root causes for issues and offered a variety of options to promote healing. I highly recommend her practice, and I can't wait to follow her more along her travels." 

- Crystal, N.

"Dr. Kara is the most caring person I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. She listens attentively to your issues to determine the best approach to help you and will make modifications if necessary. It’s obvious she loves what she does and
I would highly recommend her."

- Pat W.

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Full-Time Mom Defined

Full-Time Moms: the unsung superheroes of the parenting world!


Technically, all moms are full-time because, let's be real, motherhood never clocks out.


But when I talk about Full-Time Moms, I shout out to the amazing women who not only wear the cape of motherhood 24/7 but also manage the daily adventures of little ones still living under their roof.


These multitasking marvels are the CEOs of snack time, the navigators of nap schedules, and the fearless leaders of bedtime negotiations.


Together, we celebrate the chaos, conquer the meltdowns, and find humor in the mess because, hey, that's just another day in the extraordinary life of a

Full-Time Mom! 💪👩‍👧‍👦


#MomLife #FullTimeMomsRock

Full-Time Mom Defined
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