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Holistic Services

Guidance, Accountability, Organization 

Preview of Program & Services (Launching July 1st, 2024)
Program & Services Subject to Change as
Signature Program is Perfected!! 

Join the WAITLIST now, or contact me for more information.





Behavior Change

Take the first step towards health, happiness, and wellness.

Stick with me for my signature program and follow my guidance as we collaborate together toward
the lifestyle you crave and deserve.

Vintage Style Telephone

Discovery Call (15 minutes)

Unlock your path to holistic wellness with a

15-minute complimentary call!


This is your chance to explore the synergy between you and your potential coach (that's me!).


Let's chat, connect, and delve into your

unique journey.

As a bonus, receive a free personalized nutrition report tailored just for you.

Take the first step towards a vibrant and transformative life.

6-Month Quest

Embark on a transformative 6-month journey (180 days) with my personalized signature program! Organize your Mom-Life in order to create and discover the time and space you need to achieve your wellness goals.

This holistic adventure includes:

  1. Individually Personalized Program Design: Crafted just for you, following the proven GSPA (Goals, Skills, Practices, Actions) process to ensure a tailored approach to your unique wellness goals.

  2. A Personalized Nutrition Report: for you and one other adult (18 years +) of your choice. Share the love of health and wellness! 

  3. Kickoff Call (45 mins): Our first 1:1 video call (45 minutes) to establish a relationship and determine the first action steps toward change.

  4. Weekly Check-ins (30 mins): Real-time video call support ensures we connect and navigate your journey together. 

  5. Ongoing Virtual Support: Stay connected daily with access to the client portal.

    • Enjoy tracking your food, mood, lifestyle, and transformation.

    • Unlimited messaging directly to me. 

    • Plus, a wealth of resources!


Your quest for balance, calm, and confidence starts here!

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