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Introducing Holistic Health's PHYSICAL ACTIVITY Pillar

Welcome to the second pillar of my Holistic Health concept: Physical Activity.

In this category, I will include information, tips, stories, educational material, and guidance for a wide variety of physical activities. My specialties and personal passions revolve around yoga, but cardio, strength training, stretches, walking, daily challenges, and child's play (exercising while playing with the offspring) all will be discussed within this category.

I found yoga when I was 22 years old living in Costa Rica. I was volunteering at a nature retreat resort for 3 months and felt quite overwhelmed when I first arrived. I was introduced to the yoga teacher, a woman in her late 20s from New Jersey, who would also be there for 3 months and be one of my housemates. I was told I could attend the daily yoga classes for free during my stay. I mentioned I had never really done it before and I'd like to come every day. The yoga teacher and the manager of the resort both laughed and all but scoffed at my eagerness. You better believe I achieved my goal!

After a few months of daily yoga (1.5 hours/day at least 6 days a week) taught by a phenomenal teacher, I had a solid foundation and noticed the fabulous changes in my body. Oh, how easy that was at 22 years old! Since then, I have fallen in and out of a yoga routine and have recently started my own yoga challenge: 45 minutes a day, every day (or at the very least, 6 days a week). As I write this, I am on day 11 and feeling great. For physical activity, yoga is truly my first love.

Daily activities as a mom lend opportunities for fitness too. Crawling around or chasing a toddler is a workout within itself! Continuous lifting and lowering of an infant with build those arms and legs up well. I imagine having a young child (under 12, over toddlerhood) is full of exercise opportunities too (please comment or contact me with ideas, as my son is only 19 months old at the time of writing this). I will definitely include ways to utilize your offspring in physical activities, building strength, endurance, flexibility, and fun.

I plan on living a minimalistic life, so my tips and suggestions will be as low maintenance (in terms of equipment or needs) as possible. I'll always provide recommendations to make life easier and minimal as opposed to requiring expensive equipment or gym memberships to get in shape.

As always, feel free to reach out to me with ideas or topics you would like to see covered.


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