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Self-Care For Radiance

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

Be radiant as you care for yourself and your loved ones.

Want to look and feel your best? Take time to shine and reflect your healthy lifestyle outward with beauty and self-care.

My goal is to encourage and guide you to find a holistically happy and healthy life that includes taking care of yourself, providing care and lifelong lessons for your loved ones, and looking radiant while you do so.

I also aim to keep things simple and enjoyable. We have enough on our plates already.

Adding a couple of enjoyable steps to your automatic routines will make you feel more confident in yourself and your role as a caregiver.

Read on to learn about dry brushing, oil pulling, and the importance of self-care and caregiving.

What is Radiance?

The radiance of the sunset was reflected on her face.

To feel good is to emit radiance outward. With a healthy lifestyle, there’s a reflection of beauty inward and outward.

Radiance is defined as light or heat emitted or reflected by something.

I have included “Radiance” as one of my holistic health pillars because we reflect this with our radiant glow when we are healthy and living holistic lives.

Looking fit for our age, feeling confident in our skin, and beaming so others can’t help but smile as we light up the room. This is part of holistic health.

And it doesn’t have to be challenging or expensive.

Dry brushing for a smooth glow

Brush towards the heart for silky skin and lymphatic health.

Dry brushing, also known as body brushing, uses a coarse-bristle brush in long strokes along the skin to benefit circulation, lymphatic drainage, and beautiful skin.

“An age-old beauty and health practice that has been practiced for centuries, dry brushing has been used by almost all historic civilizations, including the Native Americans, Japanese, Chinese, Ancient Indians, Russians, Turks, and the Scandinavians, for various healing benefits. Some benefits include promoting proper blood circulation, stimulating & cleansing the lymphatic system, removing dead cells from the skin, and helping the body eliminate wastes and toxins” (

Digestive concerns and cellulite reduction have also been shown.

Daily use, preferably before a shower, can lead to endless benefits for internal health and external radiance.

Look for a 100% natural brush that is high quality, as opposed to the cheap knockoffs that are synthetic and will fall apart. Prices range from $4 (not recommended) to $80 (not necessary). A reasonable price for a good quality brush is usually around $15-$30. I prefer this cactus bristle brush made with beechwood for a great price.

There are additional kits that come with a small, gentler face brush for dry brushing the face.

How to brush: dry brushing can be a daily process and even up to twice a day if you don’t have sensitive skin. Initially, it may be a good idea to keep your brush visible and near the shower as a reminder until you fall into the delightful routine.

It is recommended to do it before the shower to open and cleanse the pores; however, showering is not a requirement for benefits.

Using light to moderate pressure, brush the feet and, using long even strokes, work your way up the legs (think “towards the heart”). Brush the arms similarly with upward strokes towards the heart (or armpits).

On the abdomen, brush towards the groin from the belly button downwards and towards the heart and armpits from above the navel. An alternate approach is to do upward strokes clockwise around the navel to improve digestion and elimination. Clockwise is the direction your bowels push out toxins and other “crap” we don’t need out of the body.

This may seem strange the first couple of times, but soon you’ll crave your dry brush! It feels great, and your body will thank you for this quick, simple, and special treat.

Oil pulling for detoxing and a healthy smile

Feel clean while making your dentist proud.

Plaque builds up on the teeth, and bacteria that lead to gingivitis, periodontitis, and bad breath are responsible for dental problems.

By simply swishing around oil for 10-20 minutes, your gums will be healthier, your teeth will naturally whiten, your body will detox, and your mouth will sing with joy.

Oil pulling has been around for centuries, especially in Ayurvedic (ancient Indian) medicine. Sesame oil or coconut oil work best and provide the added flavor preference.

Banyan Botanicals Daily Swish is a delicious formula for oil pulling that comes in cinnamon or mint flavors and is entirely organic.

A teaspoon (or capful of Banyan Daily Swish) of oil is swished around the mouth for 10 to 20 minutes. Start small with a couple minutes and build your way up to the full 20.

I recommend starting your shower routine with oil pulling and dry brushing. Before stepping into your warm shower, grab that oil and take a dose into your mouth. While you’re swishing, start your dry brush process. After about 2-5 minutes of dry brushing, step into your warm shower and continue your routine while swishing the oil.

When you’ve lathered, rinsed, and repeated, your swish time is complete, and you can spit the oil out. Be sure to not swallow the oil, as it’s now loaded with all the junk it’s pulled from your body and mouth.

Finish things up with an excellent ol’ tooth brushing.

What is Caregiving?

Tender-loving self-care and the role of a caregiver are equally important.

I will frequently discuss Caregiving, my holistic health pillar that includes self-care and caring for your loved ones.

As a Holistic Healthcare practitioner, self-care was something I prescribed often.

Suppose you’ve ever been on an airplane and heard the flight attendant direct you, in the event of an emergency, to place your oxygen mask before assisting others. In that case, you’ll understand the importance of self-care in everyday life.

If we are not taking care of ourselves, we cannot fully provide care for our family and loved ones.

Take care of your radiant self, and your caregiving abilities will shine. (Add links to two items below, thanks)

With simple steps to benefit your health and beauty, your continuous glow will envelop all of those around you.

Feeling and looking your best is a gift and reward for living a holistically healthy life. Enjoy your daily routines with added benefits of care.

Get yourself a dry brush and Banyan Botanicals Daily Swish for oil pulling and enhancing your shower ritual. Share this gift of health and radiance with someone you love.

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