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Welcome to Dr. Kara Flint's Holistic Health Blog!

Welcome, and thank you for being here! I'm Kara Flint, an acupuncturist, Chinese Medicine practitioner, and holistic healthcare professional. I currently (from September 2017 - September 2022) have a private practice in a small mountain town in Western North Carolina, where I see patients with various concerns.

Every day I hear people's stories of woe, struggle, frustration, fear, excitement, passion, joy, success... and I'm here to hold the space for them. I'm an extra ear, a shoulder to cry or lean on, and a serene environment. But I want to do more, be more, help more. I have one hour with my patients, and I know that the real work happens outside of that hour. The actual healing takes place on a day-to-day level.

The patients I see the most success with and genuinely enjoy working with are those who fight for themselves outside of their treatments and seek a better outcome in their everyday lives. Those who try to grow and improve all components of life towards personal integrity and caring for their loved ones. This is Holistic Health. These are people who inspire me.

So I've created this digital practice in a time of technology and a virtual community. Here I can share my gift of knowledge while gaining inspiration from this platform to apply to my own life.

As a new mom to an 18-month-old baby boy, I realized my words of advice and lifestyle adjustments spoken to my patients should be applied to myself. I've always believed in "practice what you preach," yet I am feeling out of shape, mentally fatigued, reaching in too many different directions only to grasp nothing. I step into my clinic and feel whole, grounded, focused. But when I walk out the door and lock up the office, I'm lost. I've forgotten myself as I place all my energy on the well-being of my family and patients.

How can I best serve others when I've forgotten to take great care of myself?

It's time to put on my oxygen mask so I can be there for my loved ones. This blog is my journey towards discovering my most fabulous self, my inner badass, so I can be the best mother, wife, and practitioner.

I strive to inspire other moms who may also feel like they've lost a piece of themselves. But, of course, this does not mean let's find our old selves pre-pregnancy; that's a wasted effort. We've changed. We've blossomed! We're Moms! We are kickass superheroes!

Let's discover the new and improved internal goddess that becoming a mother has made us into. I'm determined to promote confidence in caregiving abilities as ancient remedies, and modern applications are explained so we can be even more capable mothers. So join me on this phenomenal journey of strength, integrity, and Holistic Health.

The 7 Pillars of Holistic Health I use to categorize and organize stories, strategies, and techniques are as follows:

  1. Lifestyle

  2. Nutrition

  3. Physical Activity

  4. Mindfulness

  5. Radiance

  6. Caregiving

  7. Travel

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