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Introducing Holistic Health's LIFESTYLE Pillar

Welcome to the first pillar of my Holistic Health categorization. This category will include concepts such as routines (morning, evening, meal, shower, etc.), sleep, habits, mental-emotional balance, immune health, general organization, weight loss, the menstrual cycle in all its glory, and more.

Our lifestyle predicts our well-being and vice versa. If we're struggling mentally, emotionally, or physically then our life-STYLE will portray this. If we slack on bringing positive attributes, habits, or routines into our lifestyle then our mind-body-spirit connection will be polluted.

Chinese Medicine has common questions asked during an initial consultation with the goal of pattern diagnosis in mind. Knowing about your sleep, lifestyle, energy levels, sweating tendencies, emotions, moods, appetite, libido, and more provides a unique pattern description that can lead to physical symptoms.

It is key to find a healthy lifestyle in order to live a healthy life. Makes sense, right? The other pillars of Pinpoint Holistic cover the major components of living holistically healthy, but "Lifestyle" is the category for everything else.

In this category, I will cover topics such as:

  • The morning routine

  • The evening routine (aka bedtime rituals)

  • Importance of routines in general

  • Sleep health

  • Good & bad habits

  • Stress, depression, and anxiety

  • The immune system

  • Other systems of the body (cardiovascular, respiratory, lymphatic, etc.)

  • Weight loss and maintenance

  • The menstrual cycle (regular vs irregular, what does it tell you about your health or pattern, when are your creative and sluggish times, what foods and drinks to consume and avoid, fertility, and more)

  • Organization (of the house, rooms, technology, mind, etc.)

  • And so much more! Comment or contact me if there's anything specific that you'd like to see for this category. I'd love to hear your ideas!

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